Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for most common questions.

Answers for most basic inquiries(FAQs).

Would i be able to confide in Your site?
Simply check the audits from our clients.
You Can see it on our site and on the greatest steroids discussion the:
We are the greatest online steroid store.
NOt have to stress, You will get all You paid for.


To what extent I need to hang tight for my request after installment?

You need to pause:

up to 2 working days to affirm the installment.

up to 2 working days to arrange preparing

+ conveyance time (depends which technique You choosen)

Normally we affirm all requests in 24h and send request following day after.

We not showing up on Saturday or Sunday.


I paid for request the previous morning, I still not got affirmation.

We affirm the installment up to 2 working days. (generally next working day after installment)

We work monday do friday as it were.

On the off chance that You not sitting tight for request affirmation longer than 2 working days, if you don’t mind show restraint.


I paid for request thursday evening/friday.

When it will be delivered?

It will be dispatched in monday.


I got affirmation “request total” yet not got information “request transported”.

When my request will be sent?

In the event that You got email “request total” it is the last email with affirmation structure us.

(You not will get emial with “request sent”)

You simply need to hold up to 2 working days for shipment (for the most part it is following day after we cofirm installment) + conveyance time. (depend which conveyance strategy You pick)


I Get following number of my request?

We will send following inside 24 hours of sending the request.


Do You acknowledge paypal Or CC?

We not acknowledge paypal any longer.

PayPal has lock our record.

You Can not pay with paypal for things like this.

We suggest bitcoins, bank move or go to bank office and make store.


For what reason is no plastic seal on the sister labs item?

The sister labs stop make the plastic seal.

You Can beware of the sister labs official site.


What occur if dispatch get lost my request?

On the off chance that following shows the request is lost.

We re-send the request.


What occurs if request has been seized by custom office?

In the event that following or documentation shows the request has been seized.

We discount 75% of the request cost.


Do You acknowledge returns/discounts?

We acknowledge returns/discounts just if there is any issues with the item for instance: confirmation codes not working, items appears to be unique than unique or are harmed.


I paid and didn’t get any affirmation for more than 48 hours.

In the event that your request has been paid and you have not gotten any affirmation by email inside 48 hours, if it’s not too much trouble let us know ASAP!!

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