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Geneza Pharmaceuticals GP Stan (10mg) has a name guarantee of 10 mg stanozolol per tablet. Geneza Pharmaceuticals GP Stan (10mg) was resolved to have real substance of 9.76 mg stanozolol per tablet.


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Geneza Pharmaceuticals GP Stan 10 is introduced in a 100-tablet pocket and purportedly contains 10 milligrams of stanozolol (otherwise known as Winstrol) per tablet as indicated by the name and bundling. Tests of this item were bought from an European-based web source between the dates of February 1, 2016 and March 31, 2016.

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The examples were sent and gotten by the systematic research facility SIMEC AG for HPLC-UV testing on April 1, 2016. The quantitative measurement test report was finished on May 6, 2016.

The item was related to much number of “GP420D” and a termination date of June 2018. The ISN was indecipherable.

Mark guarantee: Geneza Pharmaceuticals GP Stan 10mg has a name guarantee of 10 mg stanozolol per tablet.

Genuine substance: Geneza Pharmaceuticals GP Stan (10mg) was resolved to have real substance of 9.76 mg stanozolol per tablet.

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11 Reviews For This Product

  1. 11

    by Shelia D. Powell

    It’s OnlineSteroidstore grade Gp Stan and does the job well. I pop them when I’m really trying to have a good time and the stuff works

  2. 11

    by Ann R. Curry

    bravo OnlinSteroidstore quality gp Stan. All on time as promised. Without delays and various other worries about the delivery was not. I was satisfied. thank

  3. 11

    by Betty D. Lemieux

    I am really pleased with OnlineSteroidstore, especially there very large product selection Gp Stan. Communication and T/A is of course great. .

  4. 11

    by Patricia J. Nathaniel

    The OnlineSteroidstore will help you reach your goals if you give them a chance and they treat you with respect . When you need something from across the pond do yourself a favor and give them a try you want be disappointed. Well as for i will be going for the Gp Stan this coming week am so into their 5 star quality products and outstanding delivery method

  5. 11

    by Bonnie S. Spencer

    When the tren like Gp Stan kick in that’s the time you need to give it a hundred percent especially when you have quality tren like this . Veins running up my lower stomach shit was crazy I ran it for six weeks and I wasn’t disappointed. Had to take my herbs to sleep because if not I was wide awake . Sweating like crazy with a fan blowing on me . I ran it with test prop and gh nice smooth cycle I must say I will be coming back for more very soon from now that tren from OnlineSteroidstore was lit

  6. 11

    by James C. Walters

    Where to start nothing but positive interaction with Gp Stan . Customer service was top notch and it tend to be what it was supposed to do what more can you ask for. Great OnlineSteroidstore.

  7. 11

    by Christine L. Hester

    One 100mg tablet was more than enough to get the job done. The Gp Stan worked well, effects were felt within 20 mins. of consumption. All the side effects of were present, headache, slightly blurry vision, and stuffy nose. Decided to cut tabs in half, and that was the sweet spot to get the effects with lesser side effects. Thanks OnlineSteroidstore

  8. 11

    by Jane E. Taylor

    I have nothing but respect for these guys! Promos are often. This tells me that the OnlineSteroidstore site is flush with quality gear and the guys running it are getting the word out. And about to order Gp Stan and I know their delivery result and quality their products usually come with.

  9. 11

    by Cathy J. Pollack

    I was absolutely loving this gear until the Corona virus screwed me up. No gyms and limited food, so I had to cut it short. The Gp Stan is some of the best I have used! Looking forward to getting back to it!
    Quality gear. Two thumbs up to OnlineSteroidstore

  10. 11

    by Brian D. Middleton

    Great service from OnlineSteroidstore and they have a wide variety of products. Ran there Gp Stan for 12 weeks. Kicked in and felt very strong. I would recommend this source

  11. 11

    by Molly S. Clark

    I love this brand of Gp Stan. 200mg per ml and gets me pretty yoked. I ran 400mg for 10 weeks and it gave me all the Gp Stan sides. Crazy night sweats, fat loss, huge gains, and aggression.

    I call this OnlineSteroidstore my go to it all. Because they have everything you need

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