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Alpha Pharma Mastebolin 100mg has a name guarantee of 100 mg/ml drostanolone propionate. Alpha Pharma Maste.b 100mg was resolved to have real substance of 83 mg/ml drostanolone propionate.


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Alpha Pharma Healthcare’s Mastebolin is introduced in 1-milliliter ampules and allegedly contains 100 milligrams of drostanolone propionate per milliliter as per the name and bundling. Tests of this item were bought from an European-based web source between the dates of October 7, 2015 and November 7, 2015.

The examples were sent and gotten by the scientific research facility ChemTox SAS for GC-MS/MS testing on November 19, 2015. The quantitative measurement testing report was finished on December 17, 2015. The “bunch number” recorded on the item was MB1403.

Buy Mastebolin 100mg – Alpha Pharma – Online Steroid Store

The sequential number “IRU21L7C5G” and confirmation code “V4T924iUi” was effectively used to confirm the credibility of the item on registration.

Mark guarantee: Alpha Pharma Maste.b 100mg has a name guarantee of 100 mg/ml drostanolone propionate.

Genuine substance: Alpha Pharma Maste.b 100mg was resolved to have real substance of 83 mg/ml drostanolone propionate.

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24 Reviews For This Product

  1. 24

    by Salvatore I. Williams

    I have use Alpha Pharma many times.
    I have used Mastebolin for a year straight. I’m definitely happy with every product I’ve used and will continue recommend.
    Love their products.

  2. 24

    by Alan S. Greenwald

    1st half of order was exactly what I was promised with a freebie.
    Excited to get the second half soon.

  3. 24

    by Cynthia S. Martin

    Packaging gets the job done

  4. 24

    by Nina D. Ross

    As usual the delivery was fast ,I’m impressed.

  5. 24

    by James J. Boyd

    Communication was very good very fast response and true answers to me

  6. 24

    by Susanne S. Brixey

    Just received 1st half of my order.

  7. 24

    by Nancy F. Stillwell

    Excellent products and professional-grade quality. Highly recommended

  8. 24

    by Amie N. Hughes

    Communication is top notch! i have just received my order.

  9. 24

    by Linda G. Roberson

    I have been using Mastebolin 1ml and i am really impressed slight increase in strength already and much more vascular only 2 weeks in

  10. 24

    by Matthew F. Garcia

    the stuff 250mg/ml i had great gains last cycle at 3ml per week, the oil is a little is definitely the way i expected from the hairdryer it went in almost pip free, if its anything else besides than the ones i have tried are garbage!

  11. 24

    by William P. Johnson

    I have used this gear since their inception, even when it was called a different name. Over the years it has always had good potency, and I’ve been happy with the results. Customer service is always top-notch, and replies lighting fast. And they treat you great and usually gift you something. I have ventured to other sources over the years, but I always come back to these guys, and they always come through the best. No complaints, and until further notice I wont use anyone else. Thanks Alpha pharma with your wonderful Mastebolin

  12. 24

    by Angela B. Holl

    Product effectiveness and experience I’ve been using their Mastebolin for years and feel great on it and get great results. OnlineSteroidstore is top notch as well with great products. Mastebolin is my new favorite now and placed another order for more!

  13. 24

    by David C. Wells

    Communication is always swift and very timely Never had an issue since 2014.Delivery and Packaging. I had never a problem with packaging or missing items. Top notch!

  14. 24

    by Craig M. Schick

    Great substance, quallity and solid gainings

  15. 24

    by barrywa

    Been using this stuff at 1ml eod im really impressed slight increase in strength already and much more vascular only 2 weeks in!

  16. 24

    by James D. Greene

    I use this products from OnlineSteroidstore; Mastebolin. Orals are really good and works very well for me, looks very hard and strength! Soon i will try more from OnlineSteroidstore. I’m very happy with this lab, for me one of the best of today, really great results!!!

  17. 24

    by Amanda K. Thomas

    OnlineSteroidstore this is my top source, for me amazing service and products like Mastebolin and communication. I’m very happy and i will buy again and again!! Very good experience, honest source.

  18. 24

    by John M. Morris

    Using a lot of gear from OnlineSteroidstore, always very happy with results, potent products like Mastebolin with quality, and OnlineSteroidstore takes care of the costumer, i’ve been buying here from years and always very good.

  19. 24

    by Althea V. Zimmerman

    Got Mastebolin from OnlineSteroidstore, did bloods and they checked out!
    I got all gh sides from it, not the stuff you hear about from Chinese gh like bloated fingers and heavy water retention.
    I got fat loss, fullness, water retention in the muscles and a bit subq.
    OnlineSteroidstore was always quick to reply and I had 0 issues.
    Rare to find good product like Mastebolin in Canada

  20. 24

    by Christopher L. Decker

    im going to start by saying , i have been dealing with OnlineSteroidstore for a year now. I had never been nervous about placing orders. OnlineSteroidstoe is very good with communication. They always answer you with on time. I’ve had a package lost, and they are very quick to reship. you just have to be patient. some packages have been delayed. You just send them an email, and there response is a tracking number. these guys are very professional. these guys are the real deal. someone you can trust. they always come true. their products are top notch especially Mastebolin.

  21. 24

    by Michael S. Warwick

    Never had any issues with communication or delivery either. With OnlineSteroidstore and i love this Mastebolin.

  22. 24

    by Maria J. Condon

    Just received another order. I can’t say this enough. These OnlineSteroidstore is the real deal. I’ve been using their Mastebolin for over a year. Good results on just day. After 6 months. I sleep so much better, and no more anxiety. And I have more energy. But to see the physical results, it does take a bit long. But am still into this onlineSteroidstor and Mastebolin with plenty joy.

  23. 24

    by Willie D. Dobson

    OnlineSteroidstore deserves 10/10. I’ve used this Mastebolin for years and so far best results. I think is a top one, no problems, always best quality!!

  24. 24

    by Richard E. Early

    Alpha Pharma has always been my go to source since 2014. I never had a problem with the products. I have ordered for other people and they always tell me how much they love Alpha Pharma products like Mastebolin. I can’t stress enough how much it means to have a reliable source with great communication. I will never order from any other supplier. Am sticking with Alpha Pharma is the best

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