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Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin 250 (ampules) has a name guarantee of 250 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate. Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin 250 (ampules) was resolved to have a real substance of 292.0 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate.


Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin 250 Ampule Online Steroid Store

Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin 250 is introduced is introduced in a crate of ten 1-milliliter ampules and apparently contains 250 milligrams of nandrolone decanoate (otherwise known as Deca Durabolin) per milliliter as per mark and additionally bundling. Tests of this item were bought from an European-based web source between the dates of May 15, 2017 and June 23, 2017.

The examples were sent and gotten by the logical research center SIMEC AG on June 23, 2017. SIMEC performed HPLC-UV quantitative dose testing, ‘all out aerobial microbiological tally’ (TAMC) testing and ‘all out yeast and shape check’ (TYMC) testing. The report was finished on July 28, 2017.

Buy Nandrobolin 250 – Alpha Pharma – Online Steroid Store

The “cluster number” recorded on the item was ND17001. The assembling date was recorded as January 2017 and the lapse date as December 2020. The sequential number “PQJK1N38BQ” and validation code “PpD73ekjP” was effectively used to confirm the genuineness of the item on registration.

Name guarantee: Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin  (ampules) has a name guarantee of 250 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate.

Real substance: Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin (ampules) was resolved to have a real substance of 292.0 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate.

No microbiological tainting was recognized.

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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 15

    by James M. Hodge

    Am so pleased with the Nandrobolin as well. When i do get in too great product and when people try it they love it. Again many thanks keep on the good work

  2. 15

    by Ligia S. Sanchez

    Great products and please inform me when you bring in new ones and the last was a very big success. many thanks.

  3. 15

    by Douglas J. Ledoux

    a pleasure doing business with you and glad to tell how effective your products got me relieved

  4. 15

    by Richard M. Lopez

    this is a good and awesome one pip is ok, great pumps and up about 4 pounds the first week

  5. 15

    by Diana G. Durham

    I used these guys for everything during my last cycle,which included Mastebolin and Rexobol all of which gave great results. I like receiving legit goods at a speedy rate so have chose to use these guys again, am trying Nandrobolin 250mg Ampule this time. Cheers

  6. 15

    by Edgardo T. Eddy

    I thought the scirrox was strong but the test prop from alpha pharma is amazing! HAve put on the desired weight and strength through the roof. In my opinion all the products from Alpha Pharma are outstanding

  7. 15

    by Teddy C. Booker

    I’ll post again in 8 weeks with a final report of my cycle. I’v put a lot of time, effort, and research into this cycle and its paid of, with a lot of help from Alpha Pharma cheers guys. Have to do your research though, its vital, this is not a game,stay safe folks Alpha Pharma is real and always reliable

  8. 15

    by France D. Campbell

    Appetite is very high but nothing out of control. I can eat whenever i want and somehow can control of appetite.
    Nandrobolin 250mg Ampule is a very good product produce there alpha pharma

  9. 15

    by Evelyn C. Rodden

    Pinning is very smooth. Stamina and endurance are very high. I can run faster, Jog for longer, playing soccer twice a week, working 6-8 hours 5 times a week performance enhancing and life quality.

  10. 15

    by April T. Shaw

    Vascular is amazing. Veins are everywhere dealt arms legs and especially striated fore arms

  11. 15

    by Randell K. Holland

    I’v gained nearly 2 and a half stone in 9 weeks. The first week I front loaded with nandrobolin 250mg ampule then weeks 2-9 stuck split twice through the week accompanied by nandrobolin 250mg vial shots twice a week. Both the test will be split again into 2 a week. I’m 37 years old and feeling on top form. All the products I’v used from A.P have been top notch,I’m over the moon with the results.

  12. 15

    by Anthony B. Nicholson

    Love the quality steady gains from it

  13. 15

    by Michelle J. Bock

    The amps look neat and the writings are highly professional. I have been running this product for four months and two weeks with fantastic results

  14. 15

    by Harold R. Sachs

    These guys are on top of their game. Ordered twice first which was sort of a test order and got impressed with their overall form of business and operations. Second order coming from guys thanks very with your wonderful professionalism

  15. 15

    by James K. Pitts

    wow thank you for such a great confident and trust about alpha pharma’s product really mean that many many many many thanks 🙂

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