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Balkan Pharmaceuticals product has a maker guarantee of 10 mg/tablet of oxandrolone. Balkan Pharmaceuticals product was resolved to have genuine substance of 9.67 mg/tablet of oxandrolone.


Balkan Pharmaceuticals Oxandrolon – Online Steroid Store

Balkan Pharmaceuticals product is promoted as a 60-tablet per box with 3 rankle packs of 20 tablets each. Every tablet apparently contains 10 milligrams of this product as per the maker’s site. Tests of this item were bought from an European-based web source between the dates of January 1, 2018 and February 28, 2018.

The examples were sent and gotten by the diagnostic lab SIMEC AG on February 28, 2018. SIMEC performed HPLC-UV quantitative measurements testing. The report was finished on March 13, 2018.

Buy Oxandrolon 10mg – Balkan Pharma – Online Steroid Store

The item was gotten in rankle packs. Every tablet was square and blue. The tablet was scored between the letters “B” and “P” on one side with the number “10” on the opposite side. The rankle packs were recognized by much number of OXA0005A and a lapse date of June 2020. The UPIC codes 2ITBTYIHZJ68YS, IIF8ZVPSKVVKMJ and ZM28IW5PS4X697 were effectively used to check the validness of the tried rankle packs on b-p.md.

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5 Reviews For This Product

  1. 05

    by Julie M. Mitchell

    very good quality gear, atm using it at 500 mg/w, gained a lot after 5 months time off a gym.
    not that bad pip, ill used other stuff, for example Oxandrolon with much higher pip. Still wanting to recommend more in the future.

  2. 05

    by Derek L. Molnar

    Well I use one 100mg tab of Oxandrolon before intercourse. When I’m with a new girl or a girl that I really want to impress I pop out the goods. They make you thicker harder and last longer. Some girls have been so very impressed that, Second dates are a breeze! Some days I may get intimidated or just tired from work, but when I take my little blue magic pill, I’m ready to rock and roll.
    Trust me they work, This is WINNING, OnlineSteroidstore.

  3. 05

    by Rick J. Pratt

    I have tried several of the sexual wellness products from the overall incredible selection they have to choose from in this category. I like to have Oxandrolon on hand depending if I’m cycling or not and not to mention I’m getting older and they can just be fun to use. I can’t say it’s more potent than a jelly, but I do feel it gets in your system super fast. Probably 15-20 min after taking I was feeling the effects. It usually raises my blood pressure and gets my ears and neck red but I didn’t have those side effects with the Oxandrolon. Gets you hard and full and this is what I i so ever wanted.
    I enjoyed the product and I recommend it for one of those spur of the moment occasions to have on hand. Will 10/10 order some more.

  4. 05

    by Michael L. Nickols

    I ordered these products to test them out and see which ones worked best for me. I can say they all are great products but Oxandrolon was amazing!! Will definitely order again!

  5. 05

    by Jerry L. Strickland

    Oxandrolon quality was amazing! I was surprised at how pumped and energetic I was from the halo. my workouts seemed to never tire me out! I was able to put up about 5lbs more on every lift with ease! Took the halo about 1hr before my workouts which seemed to be the sweet spot!common OnlineSteroidstore is real follow me.

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Buy Oxandrolon 10mg - Balkan Pharma - Online Steroid Store

Oxandrolon - Balkan Pharmaceuticals