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Alpha Pharma Rexobol has a name guarantee of 10 mg/tablet stanozolol. Alpha Pharma Rexobol was resolved to have real substance of 10.4 mg/tablet stanozolol.


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Alpha Pharma Rexob is introduced in a 50 tablet box with 5 rankle packs of 10 tablets each. Every tablet purportedly contains 10 milligrams of stanozolol as indicated by the mark and bundling. Tests of this item were bought from an European-based web source between the dates of February 1, 2016 and March 15, 2016. The examples were sent and gotten by the scientific research facility SIMEC AG for HPLC-UV testing on March 24, 2016.

Buy Rexobol 10mg – Alpha Pharma – Online Steroid Store

The quantitative measurements testing report was finished on May 4, 2016. The item fabricating date was recorded as May 2013, the lapse date as April 2016, the bunch number as RB1303, the sequential number as PKQ71NCG8H and the validation code as d5uc68kQn. The validness of the item was confirmed utilizing the “Check Alpha” Android application.

Name guarantee: Alpha Pharma product has a name guarantee of 10 mg/tablet stanozolol.

Real substance: Alpha Pharma product was resolved to have real substance of 10.4 mg/tablet stanozolol.

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37 Reviews For This Product

  1. 37

    by Betty D. Meadows

    Just started running this in 1 week and although they won’t be in my blood yet, they do work straight away, have noticed them working 1 week in on 50mg day already liking this

  2. 37

    by Jon J. Boyle

    Alpha Pharma is not Pharmacy is different, because they produce high quality goods!

  3. 37

    by Grace R. Nunez

    Have been running this for several weeks at 50 mg/day divided in 2 doses. Great results. Genuine Alpha Pharma is the best! Good strength gains

  4. 37

    by Landon R. Venegas

    I have been using this stuff for so long with excellent results.
    What can I say about rexobol. only the best. Good stuff as all alpha-pharma products I have been using. rexobol has always been for me a must either for bulking or for cutting cycles. My personal experience is that the same dose of the oral form is also effective as the inject-able form. A tab of 50 mg a day is the optimal.

  5. 37

    by Earl D. Roberts

    Apparently they send my parcel exactly on time and the said day. So the one i had was actually genuine I told them the supplier and all. Nice

  6. 37

    by Terry J. Morrell

    Finally what i need for the cutting cycle! Will definitely order from them again. i also ordered Rexobol, but haven’t tested it but i can say it will be one of kind due to the positive results from my friends and neighbors. But everything i ordered was delivered. Shipping was extremely fast. After the pickup of funds, it took 2 days to deliver. Nice…

  7. 37

    by Kim M. Bennett

    i just made fifth order or higher i think from alpha pharma. Ordered Rexobol from alpha pharma.Running the Rexobol now, and this stuff is definitely working! Shaking like never before. Will be running the test prop soon.

  8. 37

    by Imelda J. Roberts

    Just received another fine package from alpha pharma this Monday. Ordered Wednesday evening and Think it was sent Friday (Thursday was a holiday i believe), so great those postal workers work fast. And alpha pharma even faster. Ordered most of the rexobol that I didn’t have and some more of the others (and more Alpha Pharma), and since they are the same batch as the others, I’m pretty sure they are great. Tested the rexobol quickly and that worked perfect as always. Nice and fast order as always!

  9. 37

    by Rachel C. Gonzales

    So trying again. Received my second order from. This time I have and they are great as always with alpha pharma. You always now if is working within an hour Will update when trying the Rexobol. Again communication and shipments was great. Shipping time was 4 days or so, and sent in two packets, to make smaller parcels. Great service again.. Have already made the 3’rd order.

  10. 37

    by Phuong W. Altman

    I have been using there rexobol, very happy with the results, what i like about the rexobol is the quality , my sex drive has been great using it, pumps are fantastic i am finding it works great , i cannot wait to use it again, looking Forward to use every dose.

  11. 37

    by Vernon E. Taylor

    Made 2 orders from alpha pharma service was fantastic, great communication answered all pms fast, very polite, i have never order any thing online before so first time i was nervous from beginning to end but with fast replies to any pm i sent and as he promised i got my tracking number the next day, his customer service is great even after i have received my orders he has kept in touch, i have used many sources in the past but this is different the best i have dealt with and i will continue to do so for along time to come

  12. 37

    by Albert S. Williams

    First time using these guys, very friendly, i got one , to try out,they hey even emailed me to ask how the product was working which is always a good thing from a source

  13. 37

    by Richard L. Lasalle

    I got rexobol off alpha pharma , delivery was fast i have had a great experience with them,and i would like recommending in bulk

  14. 37

    by Dana B. Simon

    Good and perfect one

  15. 37

    by Chris M. Edwards

    High quality product

  16. 37

    by Sarah E. Sears

    Got another great package from the alpha pharma supplier. Ordered Rexobol everything was in my mailbox already 2 days after the pickup! Nice service yet again. I am trying the new brands again, and will do either a bulk cycle cutting cycle. Will update when the gear have been tried.

  17. 37

    by Ngan C. Swarts

    I’ve got these few months ago and I’ve used them in two different cycles. Oxymetholone never felt good to me – I wanted to use it as a kickstarter for my bulking cycle but It gave stomachaches and I had to discontinue it after just two weeks. I then ordered Mastebolin from OnlineSteroidstore, on the other hand it worked well for my first time and i found it very incredible.

  18. 37

    by Taylor M. Deal

    I’m definitely going to order again very soon, and I can really recommend others to do the same. 5 stars all the way. I’ve just ordered my second package.Can’t wait to see how fast this is going. Will post a new review when it arrives. Keep up the good work!

  19. 37

    by Christina P. Thomas

    This OnlineSteroidstore is top notch.And the Rexobol products are great. Communication, and shipping are fantastic. The Rexobol I order is always great, and arrives faster than I expect. I continue to order from them, because the results are great, and keep my balls up and running. Great source from OnlineSteroidstore.

  20. 37

    by Angela G. Beckmann

    Hello,i can say with complete confidence i have found my go to lab!!! From the very first conversation with the OnlineSteroidstore’s doctor has shown nothing but professionalism. This guy has answered all my emails in a timely manner even some that did not pertain to any business at all, that spoke volumes to me about him. Ok now to the real deal, and yes i use those words to describe this Rexobol, which is top quality product. I am actually on cycle right now and my goal is to gain 15 solid lbs. and i already know i will reach my goal, this stuff has hit and hit hard.The anavar is very good it has me cut really good vascular and tight and feeling pumped all day LOVE IT. My strength in the gym is up, stamina, focus and libido is all up, I’m not to far into this cycle and its already kitchen, this tells me this is potent stuff. All in all I will stay with this company and tell my boys about them and also very excited to have OnlineSteroidstore.

  21. 37

    by Wendy C. Barnhart

    All in all I had a great experience with these Rexobol product. I got the results I wanted And would have no problem using them again or recommending them to anyone.

  22. 37

    by Dolores K. Smith

    I’m definitely a customer of OnlineSteroidstore for life. Many orders with them in the past and will continue to use them. But really impressed with Rexobol

  23. 37

    by Robert B. Milam

    I was a little skeptical about using Rexobol since the price was too good to be true. I’m glad I gave it a shot cause it worked as well as the best others I’ve had. I’ve used Rexobol many times so I know how it effects my body. This was spot on. Sure if it’s cause I’ve been off for a while but this gave me good results

  24. 37

    by Tina A. Adcock

    Rexobol, OnlineSteroidstore is legit product as many others on OnlineSteroidstore, anyone should contact them for clean and potent gear.

  25. 37

    by Evelyn C. Bender

    Started with Rexobol in April from OnlineSteroidstore products. I never used them before and they were very good. OnlineSteroidstore is top notch with great earn products. I have used several other suppliers and these guys have the best

  26. 37

    by Larry D. Thornton

    Mastebolin was smooth. OnlineSteroidstore was great stuff while it was readily available.

  27. 37

    by Patricia A. Smith

    I always felt it OnlineSteroidstore’s Rexobol immediately in my training when I started using gear from these guys. I never really had any bad side effects and am ready to order more products.

  28. 37

    by Wayne V. Magee

    I have been a customer to OnlineSteroidstore for 4 years now and my experiences with the shop itself and the product Rexobol has always been positive. Keep up with good work.

  29. 37

    by Rodrigo J. McGrew

    OnlineSteroidstore products are always of the finest quality. While I haven’t used the Mastebolin yet (I’ll report on that when I receive it), I’m excited about the product. And always deliver what they promise.

  30. 37

    by Andrew C. Peters

    I’ve been using these guys for years. Rarely are there any issues and on the couple of times there have been? They’ve stepped up and made it right. I ordered some Mastebolin. The last product I’ve never used but the reviews and science behind it are pretty damn good. OnlineSteroidstore, just keep getting better! Keep it up!

  31. 37

    by Mary E. Thomas

    Thank you OnlineSteroidstore and the Mastebolin really worked as you said thanks for solid products and keep up the good work that you do!

  32. 37

    by Sharon J. Oates

    OnlineSteroidstore is one of my go-to source for Mastebolin. Everything is perfect.

  33. 37

    by Henrietta A. Emory

    am just new but i mean i have been using OnlineSteroidstore for 9months but it has never failed me not even with last product i ordered some weeks Mastebolin which the delivery was great and awesome.

  34. 37

    by Francine H. Hunt

    OnlineSteroidstore very good communication, fast service with also wonderful products oh guys i really want Mastebolin.

  35. 37

    by Heather D. Lugo

    Very happy with this OnlineSteroidstore site, really amazing service and so great products!! especially Mastebolin I was preparing a new double order and i’m very happy with results.

  36. 37

    by Leticia M. Sensabaugh

    Very happy, still using OnlineSteroidstore, really love this Mastebolin, not blood test, but i know very well good product, and it works as the best that i used 🙂 I will buy again for sure!!

  37. 37

    by Michael M. Kingsbury

    Mastebolin is very great. I’ve been using them for 2 months now, and really i feel all i want from a OnlineSteroidstore. In the past i ran Hypes, yellow, black, and Genotropin. I would say that Mastebolin is strong. Am very with OnlineSteroidstore they are really swift in everything.

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